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Configuration, training & software implementation.

CityLedger implementation services will take closer look on accounting software because that is our core area. These services include software procurement, installation, training, customisation, software upgrade and operating systems.

Using Peachtree or QuickBooks or others, CityLedger offers complete accounting solutions to meet the needs of a variety of businesses, non-profits institutions and individuals. We can assist you to identify your requirements, implement and maintain asuitable accounting system for organisation.

We employ full project management methodology for implementations that guarantees a structured approach ensuring implementations are completed on time and to agreed budgets. The training can help you manage your business finances very efficiently by given you instance update on your financial statements.

Our Configuration and Implementation are quite simply! Whether you need a "one-shot deal" just to jump start your implementation or to resolve specific configuration issues, we can assist you.

The core of our process is common sense. We listen. We respond. Our methodology is practical, results-oriented and guided by a strategic understanding of our clients' business objectives. Our professionals will design, implement and maintain the software programs that will provide efficiency for your company’s systems. We use a comprehensive suite of products and tools that accelerate the implementation and keep you focused on your present and future business objectives.

Implementation Services
We want you to be happy with your decision to implement your company’s task with one or more of our software and that can only happen when it is actually implemented. We are here to do that for you and we won’t leave until you can run it yourself. Regardless of the scope of your project, we are there to support:
  • Project Management;
  • Design, technical and application issues;
  • Installation, configure, train and implement;
  • Checkpoints and deadlines;
  • Resource needs.
Our experienced implementers are there to reduce your risk. We provide an accurate cost estimate and deliver a quality implementation. Your project manager together with the team of professionals develops and executes your specific implementation requirements. We build it with you, so that when we leave, you'll be happy and confident enough to run it yourself.
Customisation Services
In reality, customisation capabilities are one of the most important features to consider when selecting accounting
software or any other software. For organisations requiring customised functionality for their solutions – accounting software for all businesses including hotel and school, intranet solutions, e-mail solutions, firewall solutions or any other related solutions - our experienced development team will provide the answer. CityLedger can offer professional software customisation services to meet specific organisational needs. We will work with you to assess your organisation's business objectives and develop a custom solution that's tailored to your needs.
Upgrade Services
Easy upgrade Service is available to all existing clients who purchased a full licence package. A client with pirated version will be denied access to upgrade his later version to a new version. We can only guarantee a licence owner an efficient and effective implementation of application and technology upgrades, allowing you to take advantage of new functionality that is released with each new upgrade of your solution.

In addition, the service will help to minimise the risks arising from changes to key business systems, while maximising the benefits of business change through the use of our expertise.
The CityLedger Upgrade Service Consists of:
  • Review of requirements for the upgrade.
  • An upgrade plan detailing the work necessary to meet these requirements.
  • Delivery, including installation of new software on the required platform, migration of data from the old version, implementation of any necessary changes to the configuration, trouble-shooting, acceptance testing and user training.
Operating Systems
We provide a choice of the leading software packages available in the market today, from all-in-one entry level packages to more powerful and modular solutions. Just reach for us as we are waiting to embrace your needs today!

As all our packages are easy to upgrade so also they are all easy to deploy on robust platforms such as:

Windows 98, XP, 2000, 2003, server, Linux.

Some of our large modular packages are also powered and supported by SQL and Oracle DBA

We are confidence of all our software. They are the best solutions meant for your business. Hint us and let talk professionalism into your business.

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