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Peachtree, QuickBooks, Sage, MYOB...
The accounting software we named on this site are one of the Best Top Ten accounting packages you can find in the world today. They are comprehensive, accurate, cost effective,easy to use, have a strong reporting tool and good interface capability with other business critical systems such as payroll, general ledger, debtor accounts, creditor accounts, inventory, cash management, job costing, fixed assets and produce Financial Statements automatically.

A good Accounting Software should be regularly upgraded to ensure ongoing statutory compliance. Our solutions are suitable for use in almost every industry and can be scaled to meet the needs of your company, from 1 to 500+ concurrent users either stand alone or network!

Peachtree, QuickBooks, Sage...
do more than managing your financial transactions.

There is thousands of accounting software packages in the marketplace today. Each one of these packages offers unique features and capabilities that are to be commended, admired, and sometimes applauded. However, upon close inspection, it is easy to see that most of them suffer from obvious problems such as older technology, proprietary technology, lack of support, lack of an adequate size customer base, lack of a distribution channel, poor performance on a local area network, bugs, missing modules, missing key features, lack of capital, etc. We strive to weed out the lesser players and concentrate our services on the better-known, widely-deployed, well-proven solutions.

In our opinion, there are only a handful of accounting software solutions available today that offer a proven and complete solution for this market. They range from small scale to medium scale and larger scale accounting software as listed below.

Attributes Of Good Accounting Software

Good accounting software should be comprehensive, accurate, easy to use, have a strong reporting tool and good interface capability with other business critical systems, particularly AP, AR, inventory, Payroll.

Leading Accounting Software should cover a wide range of functionality:
Debtor Accounts
Creditor Accounts
Stock control
Order processing
General Ledgers
Cash Management
Project costing
Trading, Profit and Loss Account
Trial Balance
Balance Sheet
Cash-flow management
Financial reporting

Others are:
Simplifies all your accounting tasks – like paying bills, invoicing customers and tracking expenses.
Organises all your financial information in one place so you can quickly and easily find the information you need.
Enables you to easily track who owes you money and what bills you need to pay.
Share data among users on your network.
Connect multiple locations and remote workers.
Specify security control by module and password for authorised users.
Ability to make budget and audit trait report of all users.
Ability to make graphical representation for all accounts.
Capability to view and print financial reports.
Easy to upgrade to ensure ongoing statutory compliance.
Instantly generates reports with the information you need, so you always know where your business stands.
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