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Today's independent and private schools need to manage more information than ever before. Admissions offices, registrar's offices, business offices School Administration and Student Management Software and teachers need instant access to up-to-date student and financial information.

Therefore, School Administration Software is a complete suite of applications that permits you to automate all aspects of school management or college management, including student information system, student grading software, student billing software or student attendance software.

School Administration Software, permits you to capture, manipulate and present student data in a meaningful manner, generating reports dynamically.

  So, we present:
1. The Education Edge,
2. School Minder, and
3. SchoolSuite.
The main modules within the said school software perform the following administrative tasks: Student Records Management, Faculty Records, Grading and Transcripts, Seating Chart with student photos, Attendance, Tuition and Billing. Other integrated software modules are available for Accounting and Payroll, Scheduling, Fund-raising, Web-based Software Training and Assessment, Telephone Messaging, and Library Management.

These software are rated one of the best school administrative software use in the world today. They are easy to use and have capabilities to capture all the school activities up to financial reporting.

If you are not sure which product would suit your school’s needs, or do not see it on our list, please contact us and we will help you find the right solution for your school.

School Administration and Student Management Software.

At CityLedger, our exclusive focus has always been on meeting the information needs of nonprofits, so organisations like yours are able to work efficiently toward achieving their missions. The school selected software represents a complete solution for your school's accounting system.

Our well-rounded product suite, services, and methodologies address the primary and secondary schools education programmes, and as well as higher institutions more completely than any other solution.
The Education Edge

The Education Edge™ is an integrated school management software and student information system for the admissions and registrar's offices of independent and private schools. The Education Edge enables you to organize your admissions process, store detailed student information, create schedules, produce demographic, statistic and analytical reports, print report cards and transcripts, and much more. You can also offer parents the ability to view student grades, attendance and conduct information securely over the Internet.

The Education Edge allows you to connect and manage all your information and to keep all of your offices focused on:

  • Applicant progress and communications
  • Providing tools for special reporting needs
  • Managing student billing and receivables
  • Managing school financials and producing statements
  • Faculty electronic grade books and activities
  • Producing professional report cards and transcripts
  • Communicating with parents through a personalized website
  • Fundraising for annual, capital and special needs funds
  Others - School Minder & SchoolSuite  

NOTE that they are easy to implement and very affordable. The solution is developed with in-depth database facility so that schools can successfully balance and maximise efforts in the areas of:

  • Income Management
  • School Growth
  • Student Achievement.
The modules include - Student Records Management, Faculty Records, Grading and Transcripts, etc.


The basic features of school administration software

School software is our highly-intuitive private school administration software program.

Powerful components of The Education Edge include:

  1. Admissions Office: School admissions software. School admissions software. Capture important information necessary to make enrolment decisions regarding your prospects and applicants and maintain a comprehensive record of each contact. When the applicant enrols to the schools, you simply update the status to add information you require for students, such as grades, conduct, medical, etc!
  2. Registrars Office: School registration software. Schedule the courses and the students, update grades, activities, and calculate GPAs based on your school rules. You can personalize paper or electronic versions of report cards and transcripts with your school's logo or insignia.
  3. With Student Billing, you add fees and tuition to the student record. You can set up the billing based on parent and/or 3rd party requirements.
  4. With Faculty Access for the Web: Teacher grading software. Teachers can maintain their daily gradebook or just their marking columns, access student biographical information, and update attendance. You can make this information available to parents and students from NetClassroom.
  5. With School Store Manager: School Point of Sale software. Manage sales in your bookstore, cafeteria and other stores on your campus.


The main modules within other school software as mentioned before perform the following administrative tasks:

  1. Student Records Management,
  2. Faculty Records,
  3. Grading and Transcripts,
  4. Seating Chart with student photos,
  5. Attendance,
  6. Tuition and Billing.

Other integrated software modules are available for:

  1. Accounting and Payroll,
  2. Scheduling, Fund-raising,
  3. Web-based Software Training and Assessment,
  4. Telephone Messaging,
  5. and Library Management.

Other integrated software modules

  • Accountrak - Fund Accounting & Payroll Software
  • School Minder Billing - Billing System
  • Grade Quick - Teacher's Gradebook Software
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