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Technical Support ServicesOur Technical Support staff works hard to resolve any issue you might be experiencing with your software.The members of the Support team know the products inside out and are tuned-in to the ways you want to apply them. Some of our staff members actually used our software before coming to work here! In addition to live technical support, we offer a variety of other services to ensure constant uptime.
Services Offered Under a Support Contract
1. Help Desk: This is a live technical support systems. Call with problems or questions and one of our friendly staff members will walk you through a solution. You can also mail us for an instance reply.
2. Product Updates: Enhancements to the products will be available to you free of charge when you purchase through us.
3. Software and hardware procurements: We can help to buy your accounting software, e-mail solutions, and any other related software. We also specialised in procurement of hardware that those software can work with.
4. Networking Services: In the world of computers, networking is the practice of linking two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data and the methodology come in many different shapes and sizes. Over the years, the networking industry has coined terms like "LAN" and "WAN" attempting to define sensible categories for the major types of network designs which are built with a mix of computer hardware and computer software.

It is inline of this that made City Ledger to extend his strength by providing a full spectrum of wireless and cabling network services tailored to your needs. We can work with anyone's needs from small home/office networks to large business office buildings, café, ISP and everything in between.
5. End User Training: This involves the supply of manpower to carry out specific well-defined functions either alone or in conjunction with partner’s staffers.
Whatever the size of your organisation, we will be there to assist in achieving your company goals and objectives. We promise to use the best tools and software in implementing your network design. We have professionals who have experience in all types of network structures you may wish to set up. Our work is prompt, effective, confidential and secure. We protect your data and your customer's privacy and place a high value in using the latest technologies and platforms.
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